How & Why We Chose a Leer Shell for our 2008 Dodge Ram

Storage is KEY when you live full time in any RV but especially an Airstream. We knew we needed some safe, secure and weatherproof storage in Clifford, our truck. Steve walks you through the process we took in picking out and getting our Leer Shell.

If you have any questions about our truck, or anything else about our Airstream life please let us know in the comments!


  • Matt @ The Resume Gap

    July 14, 2016 at 2:00 am Reply

    You guys are doing an awesome job with these videos! The production quality is great — some of the best on the web for this type of content. May I ask what kind of camera you’re using?

    • Steve

      July 14, 2016 at 7:44 am Reply

      Hi Matt, thanks a bunch for the comment! We are using all Sony equipment for these videos after we adopted their mirrorless line of equipment:

      * Camera: Sony A6000
      * Lens: Sony 18-105mm f/4 OSS

      The OSS (Optical Stable Shot) capability is critical for video because it stabilizes the footage and reduces camera shake. For indoor video, I deliberately overexpose the scene by 2-stops. Outside, I usually just let the camera decide without making adjustments.

      I bought all this equipment used. I never buy photo equipment new anymore. Like cars, they depreciate very, very quickly, and reputable used camera equipment brokers ensure that the equipment you’re paying for is high quality and ready to go.

      Hope that helps. Any other questions or concerns, feel free to ask!

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