How To Store & Do Laundry While Full Time RVing

Welcome to our How-To Series. In this video series, we will explain the many how-tos of Airstream Living. From full-time RVing, to travel, to living in a tiny space we will share what we have learned from living this lifestyle. We encourage you to comment below with your own advice on this topic, as well as any other How-Tos you would like to see.

This week’s topic is How To Store & Do Laundry While Full Time RVing. We have shown in the past how to store an entire wardrobe in your Airstream or RV but what happens when those clothes get dirty? The first thing you have to do is store the dirty laundry. You can do this with a hamper in a closet, the shower, a drawer, or under the bed. We choose to store our dirty laundry in an ottoman in our living area. We think it’s the perfect solution!

Now how do we do that laundry when we are traveling? You can choose to go to a campground with laundry facilities, find a laundromat or go hang out with friends and family. Some RVers even store portable washer/dryers in order to wash clothes at other times as well. Of course, if your rig has a washer/dryer then you are all set!

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On the Road To Boondocking Near Bryce & First Look at the Park

In today’s video, we’re heading out of the St. George area and on to new adventures near Bryce Canyon National Park. We decide to try and boondock in the Dixie National Forest about 10 minutes from the park and find a great spot! Pine trees, a campfire, plenty of sun for our solar, this place feels like home! We also head into Bryce Canyon National Park for our first encounter with the hoodoos. They are amazing! Stay tuned for a fabulous hike through the park 🙂


Our spot on Campendium.
Bryce National Park


Birthday Reflections

Unlike many I don’t dread the clicking of the clock or the changing of age. I will never be one of those people who are 29 for five years. Birthdays are milestones, achievements, and time for reflections. They have a way of making me sit back and reflect on life, the past year, the coming year, and how I’m doing right now. I’ve made some pretty big decisions on/around my birthdays in the past, many of which have greatly and positively affected my life. The most notable of these decisions has been my commitment to my health and figuring out how to decrease the frequency and intensity of my migraine headaches. For any of you who suffer from pain, you know that you’re willing to try almost anything to have a pain free day. This commitment eventually lead to me going gluten and dairy free and my migraines becoming sporadic rather than normal. A step in the right direction.Continue Reading