Birthday Reflections

Birthday Reflections

Unlike many I don’t dread the clicking of the clock or the changing of age. I will never be one of those people who are 29 for five years. Birthdays are milestones, achievements, and time for reflections. They have a way of making me sit back and reflect on life, the past year, the coming year, and how I’m doing right now. I’ve made some pretty big decisions on/around my birthdays in the past, many of which have greatly and positively affected my life. The most notable of these decisions has been my commitment to my health and figuring out how to decrease the frequency and intensity of my migraine headaches. For any of you who suffer from pain, you know that you’re willing to try almost anything to have a pain free day. This commitment eventually lead to me going gluten and dairy free and my migraines becoming sporadic rather than normal. A step in the right direction.

So it’s come time again. 31 years ago I was born and I can honestly say I like who I am right now. My priorities are in order. My health and my family come before anything else in thought and in practice. I’m not perfect, and some days are better than others, but I am continually working to make my ideals and values my reality. The future looks nothing but bright. I am living a mindful choice filled life There was a lot of change in the past year and there will be even more to come and I am excited, as well as terrified.

By this time next year I will have been blogging about our crazy Streamin Life for a year. We will have sold two houses, 95% of everything we own, and both vehicles. Meanwhile we will have bought our truck and Airstream and moved into our new tiny abode. We will hopefully have mastered tiny living even in the Tucson heat of summer and have personalized the Airstream to suit our needs. By this time next year both my husband and I will be retired. How crazy is that? This should be the last year I work full time. No more spending half my life in a cubicle with no natural light. Instead we should be boondocking off in the wilderness when I turn 32. I will have streamlined my life to what truly matters to me and stopped caring about the mainstream.

We’re already on our way. We’re going to buy our Airstream this weekend!! What an amazing Birthday present! Once we have our new home, things will begin moving quickly. Our house should be on the market in about a month’s time. It is just about time to put all the planning into action and start living the truly simplified lives we want. 31 is going to be a great year. I can’t wait to share it with all of you.


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