Tuesday Talk – Appointments on the Road

This week we’re answering a viewer’s questions about appointments such as doctors, dentists, beauty and maintenance on the road. Also what about finding our favorite foods at new grocery stores? We talk about what we do and how it works for us.

What about you? Any advice on appointments while traveling?


On Tuesday’s we’d like to answer questions sent to us from viewer’s like you and share some of the details of our Airstream life. If you have a question for us please let us know in the comments below.

Experiencing Utah Lake & the Provo Area + An Evening Out

In today’s video, we are doing some exploring of the area around Utah Lake including hiking a waterfall (our third choice for a waterfall but it was still beautiful!). We also get a birds-eye view of our campsite at Miners Canyon from our hike up the hill. Lastly, we enjoy a night out for some Thai food which was special and delicious.

Our spot on Campendium
Battle Creek Falls Hike
Thai Siam


Boondocking on Utah Lake

In today’s video, we show you around our new boondocking spot on Utah Lake south of Saratoga Springs. We also go explore another boondocking location on Stansbury Island and get through a long not so fun day of important errands. We decided we liked this spot so much we’d stay a whole week here but wait until you see the bugs. Luckily they don’t bite 🙂

Our spot on Campendium


More Exploring & Good Bye Bryce

In today’s video, we share our last couple days around Bryce Canyon. We hike some of the Fairyland Trail out to Tower Bridge, go hiking in Red Canyon to get up close and personal with the hoodoos and enjoy some delicious pie at the Bryce Canyon Pines before hitching up and heading out to our next destination… Utah Lake.

Our spot on Campendium
Bryce Canyon National Park
Red Canyon
Bryce Canyon Pines


Tuesday Talk – Water Conservation While Boondocking in Our Airstream

This week we’re talking about our tips and tricks for water conservation while boondocking for weeks at a time in our Airstream We discuss the composting toilet, showers, washing dishes and how we top off our fresh water tank without moving the Airstream.

Do you have any tips for us? Questions? Let us know!

This week’s links:
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On Tuesday’s we’d like to answer questions sent to us from viewer’s like you and share some of the details of our Airstream life. If you have a question for us please let us know in the comments below.


Exploring Kodachrome Basin State Park in Utah

In today’s video, we decided to take a day trip to Kodachrome Basin State Park which was about 40 minutes from where we were boondocking outside of Bryce. Kodachrome was $8 for the day but we think it was worth it. We hiked a couple very pretty hikes including one with a large arch. Since we haven’t been to Arches yet this was a big deal to us! Our one thought on the park was we’d recommend seeing it before Bryce if possible. Bryce is so spectacular that comparisons are unfair and since we had hiked Bryce the day before it was fresh in our minds. Kodachrome is also beautiful just in a different way.

Also, there is absolutely 0 cell signal in the park or anywhere near it. So keep that in mind if you are planning to camp there.

Our spot on Campendium.
Kodachrome Basin State Park


On the Road To Boondocking Near Bryce & First Look at the Park

In today’s video, we’re heading out of the St. George area and on to new adventures near Bryce Canyon National Park. We decide to try and boondock in the Dixie National Forest about 10 minutes from the park and find a great spot! Pine trees, a campfire, plenty of sun for our solar, this place feels like home! We also head into Bryce Canyon National Park for our first encounter with the hoodoos. They are amazing! Stay tuned for a fabulous hike through the park 🙂


Our spot on Campendium.
Bryce National Park


Tuesday Talk – Boondocking With Dogs

This week we’re talking about boondocking with dogs. We’ve had a number of questions about the dogs and how they are doing boondocking. What do we do with them when we go hiking? Do we feel safe leaving them in the Airstream? How do we keep them clean? How are they liking it? We answer all of these!

Do you have any questions about boondocking or our pups that you would like answered? Comment below!


Our Final Days Around St. George Utah

In today’s video, we’re spending our last few days around St. George hanging out with Steve’s parents, hiking some more, eating some delicious local pie, and even checking out a cool local festival in between getting stocked up for our trip to Bryce Canyon. We loved the St. George area and we’ll be back!

Campendium: https://www.campendium.com/sand-cove-reservoir