Tuesday Talk – Our Top 5 Major Mistakes Made Full-Time Traveling in our Airstream

Tuesday Talk – Our Top 5 Major Mistakes Made Full-Time Traveling in our Airstream

This week we are discussing the top 5 mistakes we made during our first time full-time RVing in our Airstream, and some of these were doozies! We hope by sharing them with you, you won’t make the same mistakes!

Our first major mistake was our tires. Please as Steve says When in Doubt, Change them out. Tires are incredibly important to your safety on the road and don’t assume they are alright like we did. Check!

The second major mistake we made was our hitch. If you EVER have doubts about your hitch please get it checked out. It took us WAY to long to figure out something was dangerously wrong with ours.

The third major mistake was bottoming out our Airstream. We did not fully think through this decision and we paid for it. Luckily we don’t think any major damage was done but we are much more cautious now.

The fourth major mistake just happened to us recently and involved our batteries. If you run off your batteries, and your refrigerator is connected to your inverter make sure to switch the fridge over to Gas, not Auto unless you have the battery capacity to support it. We forgot to switch it from Auto after getting our Propane refilled and the batteries were down to 50% before we realized it. Yikes!

The last major mistake is a personal one. For some traveling means a healthier, more active lifestyle. For others, it does not. Steve gained over 15lbs while on the road the past 7 months because he was no longer lifting weights at a gym daily and because it’s hard for us to eat low card while on the road. This is something we are going to have to work on for next year’s adventures.

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  • Sharon Williamson on November 21, 2017

    i also have trouble with weight gain on the road. We are active enough, and try to walk/hike at least 5 (and usually 10) miles every day, but we also love to try the local food specialties… local cheese, wine, beer, bakeries, street food, farm stand fruit and veg, etc. Not everything we taste is a calorie dense choice, but many are more than our usual vegetarian fare. I made myself a rule that I could only have one “treat” a day, either alcohol or dessert, but not both. We don’t travel full time, but can be gone for 4-5 weeks per trip. It feels more like vacation and less like everyday life, so it’s easier to splurge.

    • admin on December 12, 2017

      That is a great rule! We think we’ll try that as well!

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