Tuesday Talk – Answering All of Your Solar Questions

On Tuesday’s we’d like to answer questions sent to us from viewer’s like you and share some of the details of our Airstream life.

This week, we’re answering a bunch of questions we’ve been getting about our decision to get solar from AM Solar and why we drove all the way to Oregon over Thanksgiving week.

We answer:
1. Why did we decide to get solar instead of just using a generator while boondocking or plugging into shore power? Hint: it wasn’t because it was the best financial decision
2. Why didn’t we install the solar ourselves?
3. Why did we decide to have AM Solar install our system?
4. Why did we drive all the way there NOW instead of waiting until we head up to Oregon next summer?

Hopefully we answered a bunch of your questions. Feel free to leave more in the comments below. Stay tuned for our Solar Show & Tell on Thursday.
Tax credit information: http://amsolar.com/tax/

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