Friday Favorites – The Perfect Cup of Coffee – Aeropress Coffee Maker

Occasionally on Friday’s we’d like to share with you some of our Favorite Things. These can be products, websites, or anything else that we love. Note we will ALWAYS say whether we are sponsored in any form from the companies we are sharing and these videos will ALWAYS reflect our true opinions. These are the things that bring us joy and we hope they can become your favorites as well.

This week’s Friday Favorite is the Aeropress Coffee Maker and assorted coffee making accoutrements. Steve loves good coffee and we wanted to ensure that he could have good fresh coffee everyday WITHOUT using any electricity. Imagine waking up to gorgeous cloudy foggy mountains after boondocking in the middle of no-where for a while. What sounds more perfect than that cup of coffee? BUT we have to conserve electricity because it’s been cloudy and our batteries are low. Uh oh. We had used a french press in the past but since Steve is the only one drinking coffee they are often too big. Plus they take A LOT more water to clean than the Aeropress. After having used this setup for over a year now Steve is extremely happy. We even take it when we travel via airplane. It makes that cup of coffee in the hotel SO much better.

This week’s links:
Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker (Amazon affiliate link)
Stainless Steel Aeropress Reusable Coffee Filter (Amazon affiliate link)
Cafetec Ceramic Burr Manual Coffee Grinder (Amazon affiliate link)

Thanks for watching!

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