One Week and Counting to Tiny Living

One week from today our family will move into our Airstream Charlie and begin our lives as Full Time RVers…well kinda. We’ll still own our home(s). The house we live in now will go on the market on April 4th. The other has renter’s until August and then it too will be sold. In the meantime we will be living in the Airstream at a local KOA learning the ins and outs of tiny living while still working our full time jobs.

Am I excited? YOU BET I AM! I am also scared out of my mind. This is going to be a VERY BIG change. Not only do we have to adjust to living in 200 sqft from 1500 sqft, we also have to learn all the ins and outs of our new home. How to tow it. How to empty the tanks. How to fill tanks. Batteries, propane, electricity. The list goes on. I know in a few months time we’ll have this all down but it’s still a little overwhelming to start with.Continue Reading

Molasses: My Hint to Slow Down

I cut my finger last night while dicing tomatoes for pico de gallo. I am in charge of most of the prep in our home while Steve does most of the actual cooking. That means that I am chopping vegetables daily. I know how to hold my fingers. I know to be careful. So why did I cut myself? I wasn’t living a slow life … I was rushing.

Now here is the thing, there was no need to rush. We weren’t running late and even if we were, we had nothing more important than streaming the newest episode of Fixer Upper to look forward to. I was rushing because I was hungry and fast is my default speed. My friends and I in high school were proud of how quickly we could cut through the crowds of people at the mall. I’ve been called Speedy because I am always walking faster than everyone else. I try to maximize the impact of every movement, often doing 3 things at once.Continue Reading

How to SAVE Money on Groceries Each Month

We’re really good about keeping on budget… for most things. Our downfall is our Grocery Budget. It’s a reasonable $350 a month. Granted we eat a restricted diet because of me. We mostly only cook Vegan Gluten Free meals at home. But even still. I beat my head against the wall at the end of every month because we couldn’t stay on budget. That’s when I came up with this amazing and simple method to not only stick to our grocery budget but also SAVE money on groceries every month. It’s really a no brainer but it took me so long so I thought I would share with all of you.Continue Reading

Downsizing: All the Dog Things

In our drastic downsizing effort, for our move into our Airstream Charlie, we realized taking account of everything every member of the family owns adds up to A LOT of STUFF. Our happy family is myself, my husband and our canine girls Patti and Penny. So two adult humans and two adorable pups. Two adults and no children so it can’t be that bad, right? But you know what? When trying to streamline our lives for tiny living we realized not only do we have to deal with all of our own stuff, we also have to deal with the dogs! Who knew how much stuff a couple of dogs could have (especially since as far as we know they don’t have their own line of credit opened at the pet store).Continue Reading

Live in the Moment – A Cue from the Dogs

Dogs are the perfect reminder to each of us to live in the moment. The “squirrel” joke comes to mind. The dog is walking along, paying attention to the task at hand, and all of a sudden “SQUIRREL!”. While we don’t need to be quite that in the moment (it might be a bit dangerous on the roads) we can take a cue from our dogs and live more in the now.Continue Reading

Birthday Reflections

Unlike many I don’t dread the clicking of the clock or the changing of age. I will never be one of those people who are 29 for five years. Birthdays are milestones, achievements, and time for reflections. They have a way of making me sit back and reflect on life, the past year, the coming year, and how I’m doing right now. I’ve made some pretty big decisions on/around my birthdays in the past, many of which have greatly and positively affected my life. The most notable of these decisions has been my commitment to my health and figuring out how to decrease the frequency and intensity of my migraine headaches. For any of you who suffer from pain, you know that you’re willing to try almost anything to have a pain free day. This commitment eventually lead to me going gluten and dairy free and my migraines becoming sporadic rather than normal. A step in the right direction.Continue Reading