How To Combine Gray & Black Waste Tanks in an RV & Why You Want To

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This week’s topic is How To Combine Gray & Black Waste Tanks in an RV & Why You Want To. There are two main ways to combine tanks. The first is to actually get a new combined tank and the second is to get a valve like the Valterra Valve which allows you to close off the sewer connection and let the existing tanks equalize. Obviously having more gray water storage is a huge help when trying to extend time boondocking without having to go into town to dump tanks.

If you have a composting toilet like we do, and no longer have sewage in your RV then combining tanks is a no-brainer. However, even if you still have a typical RV toilet combining tanks can still benefit you as well. If your black tank doesn’t fill near as quick as you gray tank you can allow some of the gray water to fill the black tank and again extend your gray tank life. This also has the added benefit of cleaning the black tank. Win Win.

Some Products Mentioned:
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