Trying to Seal Our Leaky Airstream

Our Airstream is leaking!

In this video I reseal a bunch of our windows in order to try and stop the leak. Unfortunately it doesn’t work….. We’re thinking of taking it to professionals to figure out where the leak is through pressurization. If you have any ideas let us know! Luckily the leak isn’t too bad but we have to figure it out…eventually.


It’s always something!

Our Airstream Living Room Tour

Ever wonder how in the world we live in a less than 200 sq ft tiny home (Airstream) and where we store everything? Let me show you! This time I’m giving a full tour of our Airstream Living Room and all the storage within. We actually still have empty space! I walk you through the dog’s areas, our office, our library, our bar and more. So much in such a tiny living room!


Let us know what you think! Have any suggestions for us? Any questions about Airstream Life? Let us know!

Installing our Nature’s Head Composting Toilet in our Airstream

We finally installed our Nature’s Head Composting Toilet into Charlie, our 2005 Airstream Classic. We took video of the entire process so we could it share it with all of you. Hopefully this will help others someday when they go to install a composting toilet.

We walk you through every step of the install process from removing the old toilet, finding constant 12 volt, venting out the wheel well and finally installing the new toilet into our Airstream. We couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. No more black tank smell. In fact we haven’t found anything we don’t like about our composting toilet so far.

Stay tuned for an update on how we like it as time goes on and any tips and tricks we come up with along the way! Have any questions? Let us know below!

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How & Why We Chose a Leer Shell for our 2008 Dodge Ram

Storage is KEY when you live full time in any RV but especially an Airstream. We knew we needed some safe, secure and weatherproof storage in Clifford, our truck. Steve walks you through the process we took in picking out and getting our Leer Shell.

If you have any questions about our truck, or anything else about our Airstream life please let us know in the comments!

The Story of Clifford our Big Red Truck

We’ve had a few people ask us about Clifford, our 2500 red Dodge Ram, so we thought we’d tell you the story about how we decided to purchase him. Steve will walk you through our process and show you all the cool features that we didn’t even know it had (and neither did the dealer). We lucked out on our truck and couldn’t be happier. The ride is smooth for me and the girls and Steve assures me he can’t even feel the Airstream behind us. Plus he has so much fun driving the manual!

If you have any specific questions about Clifford or our decision please let us know in the comments!

Airstream DIY – Reupholstering the Window Valences

As you may have seen in Monday’s Vlog Sneak Peak, we started reupholstering the window valences in our Airstream. When we bought our 2005 Airstream Classic everything inside was original. While beige stripes might be somebodies cup of tea, they aren’t ares. So we went to a local bulk fabric warehouse and found some awesome fabric that is. We’re going for a Southwestern theme with red and turquoise as our main pops of color. I think we did pretty well! Two of the valences are now done and we just have to do 4 more. Slowly but surely we’re making Charlie, our Airstream, feel like home. Hope you enjoy the video!

Have any of you done cosmetic/decor related DIY on your Airstream, RV or even home? I’m thinking of tackling the dinette seats once the valences are done but I’m a bit daunted.

Our Airstream Home Tour

We know a lot of you have been asking to see how we live in our Airstream so we present to you, our first Home Tour! In this video we give you a brief overview of how we live both inside and outside of our tiny home. Features include our patio setup, outdoor storage, and how we use the small space we have inside.

We’re also looking for suggestions on possible places to go to get our desk and floor renovations done.  So if you know someone who does good work on Airstreams, please let us know! We will be mobile soon enough and are willing to travel for the best work.

Lastly, this was a pretty high overview for our home tour (because we didn’t want the video to be forever long). We plan to do more in-depth videos soon. As always if there is anything in particular you would like to see, please let us know! We’re always looking for ideas.


113 Degrees in an Airstream – Keeping Cool

The past 3 days the outside temperature has been above 110º F. It’s officially summer in Southern AZ and everyone is now counting down the days until the monsoon storms help bring the temperatures back down. Our number one priority is keeping cool. We’ve both lived here in Tucson for over 7 years, so we know what a Tucson summer entails. It is never fun. You spend A LOT of time inside. This summer we have the added fun of living inside a 30ft Airstream. We understood that these few months were going to be rough when we decided to move up our plans and move into our Airstream back in April. If we can live happily in this tiny space without being able to go outside much for a couple of months we should have no issues once we start traveling, that’s for sure!

I posted on Instagram this weekend about our indoor activities given the weather and had a commenter mention moving their home away from the heat. We wish we could! I still work full-time in an office here in Tucson and will until February. Steve works from home, so I am the only thing holding us here. Me quitting early is not something we’re willing to entertain. We thought about having Steve and the girls move somewhere cooler and me finding a place to stay and work but decided we’d rather suffer together as a family then split up (aww thanks guys). So we deal with the heat. I’ve had a couple of questions regarding our methods. So here  are some of our tricks to keeping cool so far.Continue Reading

Embrace Your Passions and Join your Perfect Community

For those of you who don’t know, Steve and I met online, using eHarmony. So we’re no strangers to meeting people online who become very important to us. However all of our friendships have been made the traditional way, in person. Steve has a few friends he met while working here in Tucson. I have a few friends (mostly room-mates) from previous stages of life elsewhere and a couple of people here in Tucson who I met through work and hobbies. We love our friends and we’re sure that we’ll stay in touch and visit often once we hit the road, but we’ve already seen ourselves pulling away from some of our acquaintances or “lesser” friends here in Tucson because our lives just no longer match. People joke about losing friendships when someone has or does not have kids. I imagine having a friend give up everything they own, quit their jobs and move into an Airstream might be similar in terms of huge life changes.Continue Reading

Moving our Tiny Home for the First Time

So if you follow us on social media (specifically Twitter or Instagram) you would have seen us moving our tiny home for the first time this past weekend. We were lucky that Steve’s parents (who were full time RVers for over a decade) volunteered to come down to Tucson and help us work through our checklists and relieve our minds.  Honestly we weren’t too worried about most of the moving process, except for hitching and unhitching the Airstream from the truck, but they caught a number of things that we either didn’t think of or weren’t doing quite right. Nothing that would have ruined our move, but things that would have been seriously annoying.

We hitched up Charlie to Clifford Friday morning and drove about 10-15 minutes down the road to another full-service campground where we unhitched and setup at our new home base. Then on Sunday morning we did it all again (this time with a much better checklist and with Steve’s parents looking on but not participating) and moved back to our original campground but to a new shady spot (just in time for our 1st forecasted 100+ degree day this weekend). While not relaxing, the weekend certainly was not stressful and in fact I think overall it was exciting. It showed we can do this and soon we WILL be doing this whenever we want. Now the hardest thing is to stay put for the rest of the year. You can be sure that on any upcoming weekend that is cool enough we will be out boondocking somewhere in Southern AZ, just because we can and now we know how.

I hope you enjoy our video montage of our move!!