Tuesday Talk – Must Have Items for Your First Night of Camping & How Much They Cost

On Tuesday’s we’d like to answer questions sent to us from viewer’s like you and share some of the details of our Airstream life.

This week we talk about the four Must Have Items we think you’ll need for your first night camping with an Airstream or other RV and what they cost. We also go into what we consider Nice to Haves and why (again with costs). You can find all the items discussed with links below.

Did we miss something? Do you disagree? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!


Must Haves: (Total ~ $100.00 at time of writing)
Chocks (Amazon affiliate)
Blocks (Amazon affiliate)
20′ Sewer Hose (Amazon affiliate)
– Airstream Sewer Adapter (might need)
25′ Drinking Water Hose (Amazon affiliate)
– Electrical cord (Came with Airstream)

Nice to Haves: (Total ~ $100.00 at time of writing)
Sewer Slinky (Amazon affiliate)
Sewer Shut Off Valve (Amazon affiliate)
Water Regulator (Amazon affiliate)
Water Filter (Amazon affiliate)
30 to 50amp Adapter (Amazon affiliate)

Surge Protectors (Amazon affiliates):

– Progressive Industries EMS-PT30C Portable EMS RV Surge Protector

– Camco 55312 125V 30M/30F Amp Dogbone Circuit Analyzer

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