Saturday Share: Draw Your Future – Take Control of Your Life

Every Saturday I would like to share with you a video I find inspirational. There are so many amazing, enriching resources out there. Hopefully these videos will bring you joy and inspiration!

I’ve come to realize more and more how important our Why and our vision of the future is to making change happen in our lives. Change is hard. No doubt about it. Our comfort zones are super duper comfortable. So how do we get ourselves to make changes? The biggest catalyst for continuing change in our lives is our Why. This video is perfect for someone who needs a more visual representation of their Why. The brain remembers pictures better and finds them more motivating than words, so I get where she is coming from. My mother recently started an art journal where she is journaling her hopes and dreams and she’s started making changes because of it. So I’ve seen this work for someone artistically inclined. I’m tempted to try drawing out our goals and dreams next time I’m in her studio (don’t have many art supplies in the Airstream) though I am awful at drawing. Might be fun! I hope you enjoy the video.

What do you think? Could drawing out your ideal future help you set and keep goals today? Going to give it a shot?

If you have a favorite inspirational YouTube video, I’d love to see it! Contact me at or comment below.

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