Saturday Share: The Psychology of Self-Motivation

Every Saturday I would like to share with you a video I find inspirational. There are so many amazing, enriching resources out there. Hopefully these videos will bring you joy and inspiration!

Have you ever tried to self-motivate yourself or wondered why you are not already self-motivated? Are you in a job or a role where you are trying to empower others to be self-motivated? In this talk Scott Geller explains how to tell if someone is self-motivated and how to encourage it. He explains that someone is self-motivated or empowered if they answer the following three questions with ‘Yeses’. Can you do it? Will it work? Is it worth it? Listen to find out the 4 ‘C’ words Geller thinks are critical to empowering others. Personally I can use those 3 questions to figure out where my self-motivation is lacking and decide what to do about it. It’s helped in motivating me in my morning writing so I think it’s a success!

What do you think? Can you use this method/theory to motivate yourself? What about others?

If you have a favorite inspirational YouTube video, I’d love to see it! Contact me at or comment below.

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