Saturday Share: Hold Onto Your Inner Child

Every Saturday I would like to share with you a video I find inspirational. There are so many amazing, enriching resources out there. Hopefully these videos will bring you joy and inspiration!

In keeping with Monday’s article about staying childlike in adulthood, I want to share with you this weekend’s Saturday Share about holding on to your inner child. Jacqueline Emerson brings up a number of good points about how keeping your inner child alive and well leads to creativity and outside of the box thinking. I am prone to judge and, being an engineer, I like having things fit into boxes that I can understand. I’ve come to realize that I’m often shorting myself and other people by categorizing so quickly.

I’m going to try and stay childlike, especially when it comes to judging. What about you? Do you see a benefit in holding on to your inner child? Does it seem worthwhile or even possible in our adult world?

If you have a favorite inspirational YouTube video, I’d love to see it! Contact me at or comment below.

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