Saturday Share: The “Get Better” Mindset

Every Saturday I would like to share with you a video I find inspirational. There are so many amazing, enriching resources out there. Hopefully these videos will bring you joy and inspiration!

How you deal with a challenge, with change, and with creativity greatly depends on one thing, your mindset. Do you have your mind in a good place to grow? Or are you in a mindset of proving yourself? As a recovering perfectionist I have too often in the past based my self-worth and my accomplishments on how well I’ve done at a task and what I’ve proven to others. It’s been quite a process to come to a mostly “get better” mindset where I am focused on my own growth instead.

What about you? Are you mostly living a “get better” life or a “be good” life? Have you noticed a difference in your tasks based on your mindset at the time?

If you have a favorite inspirational YouTube video, I’d love to see it! Contact me at or comment below.

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