One Week and Counting to Tiny Living

One Week and Counting to Tiny Living

One week from today our family will move into our Airstream Charlie and begin our lives as Full Time RVers…well kinda. We’ll still own our home(s). The house we live in now will go on the market on April 4th. The other has renter’s until August and then it too will be sold. In the meantime we will be living in the Airstream at a local KOA learning the ins and outs of tiny living while still working our full time jobs.

Am I excited? YOU BET I AM! I am also scared out of my mind. This is going to be a VERY BIG change. Not only do we have to adjust to living in 200 sqft from 1500 sqft, we also have to learn all the ins and outs of our new home. How to tow it. How to empty the tanks. How to fill tanks. Batteries, propane, electricity. The list goes on. I know in a few months time we’ll have this all down but it’s still a little overwhelming to start with.

So many storage solutions!

As for the living tiny side of things, I’ve decided to look at it as a puzzle. I LOVE organizing, whether it be our finances, our recipes, or our stuff. So this should be so much fun! As long as I take it slow. If I tried to move everything I thought we might need into the Airstream next week, we’d be trying to live in a cluttered mess. It’s going to take a while and some learning to figure out what we need and the best ways and places to store everything. So for the first week I’m packing like we’re going on a one week vacation (only with kitchen supplies). Anything absolutely essential for one week, we’ll move in next Friday. Everything else will stay at the house. This will give me some time to see where I think things should go and start getting my bins and boxes together. Expect a future post with some of my organizing solutions!

I am lucky that Steve could care less about how I organize things. If I figure out a place for something to go, and it’s easy for him to remember and do, he’ll do it! In a tiny home organization is essential so we’re not overwhelmed by the clutter. Obviously the way to make this easy is to have less stuff. This is another reason why I’m going to start one week at a time. Even with the massive downsizing we’ve done I know we have a lot of stuff we don’t need and don’t use. By prioritizing the things we DO need and DO use we’ll have an easier time of getting rid of the rest. Or at least that’s the plan.

One week from today we will be Full Time RVers, Airstreamers, and part of the tiny home community. I cannot wait!

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  • Mary on March 26, 2016

    Good Luck! I’ve been lurking on the thinksaveretire site for awhile now and I’m so happy you’re doing this blog. I’m about 15 months from FIRE and few 3yrs away from full timing in an RV too. I’m looking forward to learning from your experiences (including any tips about the dogs since I’ve got one I’ll bringing along with me).

    Can’t believe I’m the first comment on this site.

    • Courtney on March 28, 2016

      Thanks so much Mary and congrats on being my very first commenter! It sounds like you have similar plans to us. I really hope that by documenting our experiences I can help others realize it’s doable for them too! I’m looking to laughing and lamenting with you over our successes and failures. Please let me know at any time if you would like anything specific here on A Streamin Life, you can be sure there will be lots of info on our pups. They are our girls after all 🙂

  • Kyle Bindrim on March 28, 2016

    I know the name comes from Airstream, but I’m still expecting some streamin videos of your adventures. Maybe a YouTube channel in your future?

    I’m self professed horrible at organizing, I’ve tried many times to get better but I always struggle with it. I’ve thought about paying someone to help me organize many times, or just trying to find a cute girl who’s single and a good organizer.

    • Courtney on March 28, 2016

      Kyle did you read our minds?!? We already have a Youtube account setup and the beginnings of our first video where we buy and pick up Clifford the Airstream. Hopefully we’ll get it published in the next week or two. I also anticipate videos on organizing a tiny space, cooking in an RV, and more… 🙂

      As for the organizing, my husband Steve did the latter and it has seemed to work well for him. I actually ENJOY organizing. He’s happy to have things organized. Win Win.

      Thanks for reading (and soon watching!)!

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