Monday Vlog Day – Vlog 13 – Nice Weather, Charlie is Official, and Rainey Rocks

Monday is now Vlog day!!! We’re going to try and give you a sneak peak into our lives every Monday through our Vlog series. Expect these to be full of out-takes and the random going-ons of our Airstream life. Eventually when we start traveling you’ll get glimpses of our campsites, and the gorgeous places we’ll be exploring. For now it’s life in Tucson as we get ready to hit the road.

In this week’s episode we are super stoked about the weather. We’re finally getting cooler evenings and cool mornings to enjoy (granted daytime highs are still in the high 90s but we’ll take what we can get). We get our official plaque to show Charlie is registered. AAAND I find a huge amount of storage in the Airstream that I didn’t know existed and I’m a little excited about it. Thank you again Rainey! Enjoy the view!


Happy Monday Friends!

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