Friday Favorites – How to Watch Football without a TV – the Hauppauge TV Tuner

Occasionally on Friday’s we’d like to share with you some of our Favorite Things. These can be products, websites, or anything else that we love. Note we will ALWAYS say whether we are sponsored in any form from the companies we are sharing and these videos will ALWAYS reflect our true opinions. These are the things that bring us joy and we hope they can become your favorites as well.

This week’s Friday Favorite is our Hauppauge TV Tuner. We don’t have a TV in our Airstream but we still want to watch football!!! So we did some research and found the Hauppage TV Tuner. It allows us to watch HDTV from our HD Antenna directly on our laptop. We can even record shows to watch later!

There are a couple of limitations including the fact that it only works for Windows machines and only supports cable networks that broadcast in Clear QAM (which Cox does not). For us these are no big deal since we have a Windows laptop and stream most of our TV. We really want it for those occasions where we want to watch local TV such as Sunday Football! This allows us to get rid of our TV (which we have NEVER used) and still watch football. Best of both worlds.

Like we said in the video we found a better price on this at Best Buy!

This week’s links:
Hauppauge HD Tv Tuner (Amazon affiliate):

Thanks for watching!

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