Friday Favorites – All Your Questions Answered on RV Forums

Occasionally on Friday’s we’d like to share with you some of our Favorite Things. These can be products, websites, or anything else that we love. Note we will ALWAYS say whether we are sponsored in any form from the companies we are sharing and these videos will ALWAYS reflect our true opinions. These are the things that bring us joy and we hope they can become your favorites as well.

This week’s Friday Favorite is RV Discussion Forums and more specifically the Airstream Forums. We love how great the RV community is online. We have learned so much from forums both by reading previous threads and discussions and asking our own questions. We got tips on how to find our leak, what truck to buy, how to estimate how long it takes to get somewhere towing, the best route through California and so much more. If you haven’t utilized forums such as these we highly recommend it!

This week’s links:


Thanks for watching!

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