Camping RV Patio Product Guide: Our Airstream Outdoor Essentials

Camping RV Patio Product Guide: Our Airstream Outdoor Essentials

Up until a few weeks ago when it got VERY HOT in Southern AZ, we spent the majority of our time outside on our patio. We have our patio setup nicely now and not only is it comfortable and perfect for us, it is also easy to pack up and move to our next site. So we thought we would share our favorite things. If you have any suggestions of anything that might make our setup even more sweet please let us know!

Make sure to check out how we use these products in our Home Tour coming up in Thursday’s Post!!

Now on to the list!

1. Our Grill & Cover

I don’t know what we would do without our grill. We cook the majority of our meals on it now to avoid heating up the Airstream. We love how nicely this folds up and stores in the truck. We have our own folding table for those campsites or boondocking where we have no place to put it. We are going to make a small modification to allow us to hook our grill up to our Airstream’s gas lines in the near future instead of having to keep extra propane tanks. Besides that eventually a wind guard would probably help quite a bit. It can be hard to get the grill to the right temperature and keep it there with pans if it’s windy.

Our fabulous Weber propane grill!Weber 51010001 Q1200 Liquid Propane Grill


weber_coverWeber 6550 Vinyl Cover for Weber Baby Q, Q-100 and Q-120 Grills


tableLifetime 80160 Commercial Height Adjustable Folding Utility Table, 4 Feet, White Granite




2. Our Rocking Chairs

We LOVE our rocking chairs. They are actually very comfortable and sturdy. They have a drink holder which is always useful. Plus they fold flat for east transport in the back of the truck. Steve was sad he didn’t have a rocker inside the Airstream but he’s super happy now that he has a portable one that can go anywhere.


GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker Chair

3. Our Solar Lights

The main purpose of these lights is to help us find our way home when we’re eventually out wild camping with no street lights. They are completely solar powered and turn on on their own based on ambient lighting. For now they provide a bit of light at night and a LOT of ambiance. We learned a nifty trick from other RVers on how to hang them too. Badge holders like the ones below. We string the lights through the holders and then can clip and unclip them from our awning or other part’s of the Airstream with ease. Cool trick!


HDS-TEK HDS-LED-W Decorative Solar Powered Christmas Lights 200 LED String Light



Yueton 50pcs Metal Twill Pattern Badge Clips with PVC Straps, ID Strap Clip Adapter

4. Our Fire Pit

What would camping be without a fire pit? We thought about getting a portable wood burning fire pit but here in AZ most campgrounds have serious restrictions on them because of fire hazards. Gas powered fire pits are almost always allowed though! We were luckily enough to inherit this one from Steve’s parents. They used and loved it for years and so far it’s made our camping experiences so much better! Now you may be wondering what about that campfire smell? We have that solved too! We have a small cast iron pot nestled in the gas fire pit which we fill with different moistened wood chips. They slowly burn giving off delicious smelling smoke. My favorite by far is the maple wood. Yum!


Propane Gas Fire Ring



J.C.’s Smoking Wood Chips – Variety 4 Pk – 65 Cu Inch Quart Bags of Apple, Wild Black Cherry, Maple & Mulberry

5. Our Decor

It does occasionally get cold here in Southern Arizona and we KNOW it will be cold in other places we camp. So we have decor pieces that also serve as blankets for those chilly nights. We love everything Southwest so we’ve chosen to go with these cool Mexican blankets.


Yogi Yoga Mexican Bed Blanket – Beautiful, Bright and Comfortable Blankets


Assorted Decorative Decor (the rest we found and cobbled together to make our patio feel more like home)


WHAT WE’RE MISSING-> An outdoor carpet that rolls up tightly to fit into a specific storage bay. We have a door mat but a larger carpet would be awesome when wild camping. It would in essence frame our patio.


Hope this helps you create a fabulous outdoor experience! Let us know if you have any questions or product recommendations.

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  • Michael Randolph on June 14, 2016

    Love your stuff I will have to get some of these items later.

    Safe Travels

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