A Time of Rest

A Time of Rest

Those of you who regularly read this blog (and to all of you THANK YOU) may have noticed an interrupt in regularly scheduled programming the last two weeks. I normally try to keep a schedule of Vlog on Monday, Blog Post on Tuesday, Blog Post + Youtube video on Thursday, and a Saturday Share. I like this schedule and think it is maintainable, especially once I stop working full time next year. I had grand plans for keeping to this schedule over our vacation on the coast of Mexico last week. I should have known better. When we got to the house and realized our WIFI was spotty at best the plans changed and in all honesty for the better.

20160704-DSC08623As much as I enjoy writing and sharing our life with all of you I sincerely needed a rest. One definition of rest form Merriam Webster is a “peace of mind or spirit”. Baja was exactly that. My parent’s rented a house on the cliff bordering the ocean. From the windows of the house all you could see was the blue of the ocean blending into the sky. The rhythmic beat of the waves on the shore lulled us to sleep at night. The beach below was at times covered in smooth stones which click clacked as the waves dragged them back and forth on the shore. With temperatures in the low 70s and a nice salty sea breeze it really did fell like paradise.

We spent the week reading, playing cards with family, walking and playing on the beach. We did not spend the week worrying about work, blogs, videos, or anything else. When I realized the WIFI situation was going to prevent me from publishing much of anything while away I originally freaked out. I felt guilty I was letting A Streamin Life readers down. Eventually I came to realize as much as you all love reading the blog, you’re life would not end for a missed week. In fact many probably would not even notice and no one would fault me the rest. So I let it go and it was wonderful. I rested and now I’ve come back refreshed.

20160706-DSC08713We came to some other realizations while resting on the beach. We love the ocean. While much of our time traveling in the Airstream will be spent in the mountains, on lakes, and in fields this trip cemented the fact that we’ll also need to make time for the ocean. We love the beach regardless of time of year, type of beach, and weather so finding ourselves by the ocean will be a welcome respite anywhere.

We also want to keep our love of the ocean in mind when we start planning any future living arrangements past our Airstream life. We plan on living in our Airstream and traveling the US and Canada for the foreseeable future. Eventually we throw around ideas of traveling down into Mexico/South America in a smaller rig (and without the dogs) or packing a suitcase and living nomadically in other countries for a while. Whatever the future holds, we most likely will never find ourselves too far from the beach. Who knows you may even find us settling down in the far future somewhere we can walk to the shore. Vacations like this are perfect. They allow for rest and dreaming.

So thank you for being understanding and hanging with us. We should be back on schedule now with plenty of fun stuff coming your way! And now I know that when our next vacation (a week in Colorado) gets here I need to allow myself to rest.

Have you ever realized you weren’t allowing yourself the rest you needed? Any advice/tips for me?

I leave you with some more gorgeous photos of a time well rested 🙂



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