Friday Favorite – Hot Sauces (The Spice of Life)

This week’s Friday Favorite is our hot sauce collection. You know we like something when we devote an entire shelf of our small RV fridge to it. We add different hot sauces to everything! We have an array of everything from sweet and tropical with a little heat to fiery and love them all. Condiments are a great way to spice up meals without taking up too much space in a small RV kitchen or fridge.

This week’s links:
Hawaiian Hot Sauce:

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Airstream Condiment Storage Solution – Why Vinegar is NOT our Favorite Smell

Continuing on our random journey through our Airstream storage solutions we come to condiment storage. Unlike the bar storage in the last post we didn’t hit this storage solution out of the park on the first shot. In fact we had 2 separate moves (remember we’ve only moved a total of 5 times) where we opened the Airstream after unhitching to find a distinct vinegar smell inside. Yum! I guess vinegar isn’t the worst thing to have spill in transit but it’s not the most pleasant either. Today I’ll walk you through what now works and what we tried that didn’t quite work. Learning experiences shared somehow make them more worthwhile and seem less stupid.Continue Reading