Buying our Airstream “Charlie”

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We’d like to introduce to you….Charlie our 2005 30′ Airstream Classic!!!!

I’ve posted pictures in previous articles, but really pictures don’t do him justice. So now you can follow along  on our adventure of finding and buying our new Airstream home and then going to pick him up! Plus you get a full look inside.

When we first saw Charlie he was a little rough around the edges (he is over 10 years old) but as you can see he cleaned up real nice! Everything is original or added by his previous owners (who apparently really liked mirrors). We have a lot of  updates we’re planning to make and some we already have. You can find more detailed accounts of our weekend picking up and moving into Charlie in our articles: Courtney’s & Steve’s.


I wish we would have taken more video especially while actually driving, but we were all so focused on our first time that we forgot. Don’t worry there will be plenty of video to come! Make sure you don’t miss out and subscribe to our Youtube channel.

We already have some organizational videos in the works, plus updates on how Charlie is shaping up. Once we start traveling you can expect even more travel based video over on our sister site

We hope you enjoyed your first peek into our new home.

Never Stop Learning: 11 Ways to Learn Something New Everyday

Currently everyday is FULL of learning experiences (ie challenges) and I’m loving it. If you’ve moved before you know what I’m talking about. A move means a new home with all it’s quirks, new places for all your stuff, new drives to EVERYTHING, new routines, etc. Now add in the fact that we’ve moved from a house into an Airstream trailer when before this week I had never even camped before and we’re talking FULL of learning experiences.Continue Reading

Saturday Share: Is Your Stuff Stopping You?

Every Saturday I would like to share with you a video I find inspirational. There are so many amazing, enriching resources out there. Hopefully these videos will bring you joy and inspiration!

When Steve and I first started discussing and dreaming about what our early retirement life would look like, something became apparent pretty quickly. We had way too much stuff to travel the way we wanted! So as you know we have been decluttering and ridding ourselves of stuff ever since. We still have a ways to go but our stuff WAS holding us back. No longer. This video resonated with me. The speaker and I may be going after different dreams, but we are both experience people who have figured out how to live a life of experience. I hope you find inspiration here too.

If you have a favorite inspirational YouTube video, I’d love to see it! Contact me at .

5 Suggestions for Ensuring a Good Transition to Tiny Living for your Dog

While Steve and I wholeheartedly chose tiny living and the move into our 30ft Airstream Classic Limited this past weekend, there are two members of our family who had no say in the matter. For Patti and Penny, our two dogs, this past weekend was a strange and terrifying one. Imagine one day your people get up early and are gone for most of the day. They get home and are in and out of the house every few minutes for that night and the next morning. They even bring you over to this little room to eat dinner. Weird. Then they pack you into the big truck and take a ride. You sit in the truck a while once they get to their destination and then they bring you into that little room again. AND YOU NEVER GO HOME. That sounds scary even to me.

Our girls are adjusting little by little to their new living situation. I know there are a lot of people thinking of living this lifestyle in the future and wondering how they’re dogs will do. We certainly did! Everyone told us they would adjust and they are, but I thought I should share some of our learning experiences. Continue Reading

Officially Living an Airstream Life

So we’ve done it! We have moved out of our 1500sqft. sticks and bricks house and into our 200sqft. 2005 Airstream Classic Limited Trailer. Our Airstream Life has begun and the verdict is….

We’re loving tiny living so far!

So I guess I should start at the beginning and tell the story of how we began our Airstream Life this past weekend.Continue Reading

Hope for the Best but Expect the Worst?

I’d like to think I am an optimist but in truth, for most of my adult life I’ve lived by the motto “Hope for the Best but Expect the Worst”. O Mel Brooks.

By Expecting the Worst, I reasoned, I could never be disappointed. In fact, I’d almost always have things turn out better than expected! How awesome is that? Life always going right!! Well kinda. I’ve come to realize that I’m doing myself a disservice by maintaining this mindset. In fact I’ve come up with three major reasons “expecting the worse” is the worst possible thing you can do.Continue Reading

Disappointing Myself or Others

Disappointing others is one of my biggest shame gremlins. I care way WAY to much about what others’ think, especially people whom I consider friends. Steve tells me I give too many shits, and he’s right. In the past I have been known to NOT do something I wanted, because I was afraid of what my friends or family would think. I would rather disappoint myself then disappoint others. How disappointing. In truth a lot of my self worth is based on others’ approval. Not healthy.  I’m working through this fear of disappointment with Steve’s help but the gremlins still rear their ugly heads often.Continue Reading

One Week and Counting to Tiny Living

One week from today our family will move into our Airstream Charlie and begin our lives as Full Time RVers…well kinda. We’ll still own our home(s). The house we live in now will go on the market on April 4th. The other has renter’s until August and then it too will be sold. In the meantime we will be living in the Airstream at a local KOA learning the ins and outs of tiny living while still working our full time jobs.

Am I excited? YOU BET I AM! I am also scared out of my mind. This is going to be a VERY BIG change. Not only do we have to adjust to living in 200 sqft from 1500 sqft, we also have to learn all the ins and outs of our new home. How to tow it. How to empty the tanks. How to fill tanks. Batteries, propane, electricity. The list goes on. I know in a few months time we’ll have this all down but it’s still a little overwhelming to start with.Continue Reading

Molasses: My Hint to Slow Down

I cut my finger last night while dicing tomatoes for pico de gallo. I am in charge of most of the prep in our home while Steve does most of the actual cooking. That means that I am chopping vegetables daily. I know how to hold my fingers. I know to be careful. So why did I cut myself? I wasn’t living a slow life … I was rushing.

Now here is the thing, there was no need to rush. We weren’t running late and even if we were, we had nothing more important than streaming the newest episode of Fixer Upper to look forward to. I was rushing because I was hungry and fast is my default speed. My friends and I in high school were proud of how quickly we could cut through the crowds of people at the mall. I’ve been called Speedy because I am always walking faster than everyone else. I try to maximize the impact of every movement, often doing 3 things at once.Continue Reading

How to SAVE Money on Groceries Each Month

We’re really good about keeping on budget… for most things. Our downfall is our Grocery Budget. It’s a reasonable $350 a month. Granted we eat a restricted diet because of me. We mostly only cook Vegan Gluten Free meals at home. But even still. I beat my head against the wall at the end of every month because we couldn’t stay on budget. That’s when I came up with this amazing and simple method to not only stick to our grocery budget but also SAVE money on groceries every month. It’s really a no brainer but it took me so long so I thought I would share with all of you.Continue Reading