Tuesday Talk – Our Top Three Renovations for Boondocking

This week we are talking about our top 3 renovations we’ve made to our Airstream for boondocking or free camping in the wilderness. The first major renovation/upgrade we did was solar. Solar power while not necessarily cost-effective when compared to using a generator is much more convenient in our opinion and makes our power a passive process when we’re out in the wilderness. Our 2nd major renovation is our composting toilet. The composting toilet has eliminated the need for our black tank which allows us to double our gray water storage. It also means we don’t waste any of our fresh water on a toilet which allows us to stay out longer. The third renovation we’ve made for boondocking is installing the propane line and our catalytic heater. The catalytic heater allows us to keep the Airstream nice and toasty even in freezing temperatures without using ANY power and only a trickle of propane compared to a typical furnace. We even give you another gadget we love for boondocking, our Valterra shutoff valve which allows us to combine our gray and black tanks. So really it’s 3.5 things!

Links this week:
Our Solar Show & Tell
Installing Our Composting Toilet
Natures Head Composting Toilet (affiliate link)
Installing our Catalytic Heater
Olympian Catalytic Heater (affiliate link)
How to Combine Waste Tanks
Valterra Waste Valve (affiliate link)

On Tuesday’s we’d like to answer questions sent to us from viewer’s like you and share some of the details of our Airstream life. If you have a question for us please let us know in the comments below or at our website astreaminlife.com


Visiting Lewis & Clark Caverns – The Coolest Cave Tour EVER

In today’s video, we travel from North Yellowstone to Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park. On the way, we stop at Costco and randomly meet up with Suburban Pilgrims, another Youtube traveling family. How random and awesome! We find a 50amp spot at the campground in the state park and settle in before doing the cave tour, which was AMAZING. This is one of Courtney’s top 5 things we’ve seen/experienced since hitting the road. Really magnificent and the video does not even come close to doing it justice. We highly recommend a tour here!

Suburban Pilgrims
Lewis & Clark Caverns


Our Real Last Day in Yellowstone: Waterfall & The Boiling River

In today’s video, we have our real last day in Yellowstone…unlike what we thought was our last day a few weeks ago. We wimp out and instead of hiking Osprey Falls we hike Wraith Falls which was still pretty. We then go take a dip in the Boiling River which was so much fun! Finally, it’s moving day once again on a cold snowy morning….where to next? Wait and see!

Carbella BLM
Osprey Falls
Wraith Falls
Thomas Heaton’s Youtube
Boiling River


Yellowstone In The Snow

In today’s video, after our a couple of cold and wet days, the weather clears and we head into Yellowstone to see it in the snow. We see a bunch of elk and some amazing snow-covered landscapes. We also check out the Boiling RIver and decide we want to go back (see our next video). Finally, Steve watches some NFL which discussing being a Backer. What are you?

Carbella BLM


How To Find the Best Hikes Wherever You Travel

Welcome to our How-To Series. In this video series, we will explain the many how-tos of Airstream Living. From full-time RVing, to travel, to living in a tiny space we will share what we have learned from living this lifestyle. We encourage you to comment below with your own advice on this topic, as well as any other How-Tos you would like to see.

This week’s topic is How To Find the Best Hikes Wherever You Travel. One of our favorite outdoor activities, as we travel around the US in our Airstream, is to go hiking to fabulous photography spots. We’ve had a number of people ask us how we find our hikes when we are in a brand new area. This is how.

1) Google the area’s hikes. A lot of locals will have private blog entries or websites about what they consider the best hikes in the area and why. They may also have different favorites based on the season.

2) Alltrails. We used the free AllTrails website for years to find the best hikes. People can rate them right on the website and you can sort them by highest rating. We decided to upgrade to AllTrails Pro when we hit the road so we could download the gpx tracks for the hikes we are interested in and open them on Gaia GPS on our phones. This way we never have to worry about getting off trail or not having a cell signal.

3) Ask rangers in the National Forest or National Park. Rangers often know the best hikes for the time of year, or the people you are with, or the animals you want to see. They are a great source of information.

4) If you see a hike mentioned somewhere that is interesting make sure to write it down and save it off. We use a personalized Google Map for this and whenever someone recommends a hike in a comment or a video we save off the information for the next time we are in the area.

This week’s links:
Gaia GPS


Tuesday Talk – Our Favorite Airstream Meals

This week we are answering another question from a viewer about what our favorite Airstream meals are. In truth, we feel you can make almost anything you want in an Airstream or RV so our meals haven’t changed a whole lot since we moved out of our house. Our go-to easy travel meals are nachos and tacos and we have them a lot but we also have Mexican hashbrowns, quinoa, stuffed peppers, orange sauce, stir-frys, fried rice and more. We try to stick to a “capsule” kitchen idea where most of the recipes use a lot of the same ingredients so we always have options. We also try not to waste water or dishes and therefore will eat of prep bowls or even the pot!

On Tuesday’s we’d like to answer questions sent to us from viewer’s like you and share some of the details of our Airstream life. If you have a question for us please let us know in the comments below or at our website astreaminlife.com


Baby it’s Cold Outside

In today’s video, a cold front moves into Montana and we hole up in the Airstream to stay warm and dry. Being from AZ these are some of the coldest temperatures we’ve seen in the past few years so we have a lot to say about them. We also rejoice in out Catalytic Heater, burn candles, bake cookies and enjoy our times indoors.

Carbella BLM


The Grand Canyon Of The Yellowstone & More Waterfall Love

In today’s video, we take a drive from the North Yellowstone entrance down to the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. We see multiple buffalo on the way before making it the canyon which is really spectacular. It’s not as deep as the Grand Canyon which means you can really see the river rushing down below. The waterfalls there were also spectacular and you know how we like out waterfalls!

Carbella BLM


North Yellowstone Boondocking, Terraces & Elk

In today’s video, we head through Bozeman Montana on our way to the BLM Carbella Recreation Site which is our home 15 minutes outside of the Yellowstone North entrance. We settle into an awesome spot on Yellowstone River before heading into the park to see the Mammoth Hot Springs. This area is unlike anything we’ve ever seen! The limestone hot spring terraces are gorgeous and otherworldly and seeing elk everywhere certainly was a nice treat as well!

Carbella BLM


A Catch Up Weekend in a Field in Idaho

In today’s video, we decided to spend the weekend back in our field in Island Park Idaho. We originally were only going to overnight there on the way north but since the signal was good we decided to spend the weekend so we could stream football. We got to happy hour with some cows and answer some questions from our commenters. Next stop, North Yellowstone area in Montana!

Boot Jack Boondocking