Tuesday Talk – Boondocking With Dogs

This week we’re talking about boondocking with dogs. We’ve had a number of questions about the dogs and how they are doing boondocking. What do we do with them when we go hiking? Do we feel safe leaving them in the Airstream? How do we keep them clean? How are they liking it? We answer all of these!

Do you have any questions about boondocking or our pups that you would like answered? Comment below!


Our Final Days Around St. George Utah

In today’s video, we’re spending our last few days around St. George hanging out with Steve’s parents, hiking some more, eating some delicious local pie, and even checking out a cool local festival in between getting stocked up for our trip to Bryce Canyon. We loved the St. George area and we’ll be back!

Campendium: https://www.campendium.com/sand-cove-reservoir


Fun Finding Free Camping in Southern Utah

In today’s video, it’s time to move on from Snow Canyon State Park and try to find another free BLM boondocking location for 4 nights before we head to Bryce Canyon. We had scoped out a nice spot by the Upper Sand Cove Reservoir about 20 minutes from Snow Canyon. However, when we got there the spot was already taken and not in the way we expected. Our 30-minute move turned into a 3+ hour move trying to find a good spot. Add in horrible wind and nothing being level and it was a long day. However, it all worked out and we settled into a new spot just fine. Plus we learned a lot along the way and got to see a bunch of wildlife. Enjoy our adventure!

Campendium: https://www.campendium.com/sand-cove-reservoir

Friday Favorites – The Gaia GPS Tracking App

This week’s Friday Favorite is our Gaia GPS App. We have been hiking a LOT, as you’ve probably noticed. Steve’s dad has been sending us tracks of some of his favorite hikes for us to do. So we needed an app that would allow us to follow tracks and make our own. It’s been really cool to see how far we’ve gone, watch our progress, see our altitude change etc. We also know that we’ll never get lost since we can always find our way back real-time using the GPS tracker. This is by far one of the best apps we’ve ver purchased.

Do you use a GPS app or device when hiking or biking? What do you recommend?

This week’s links:
Gaia GPS App
Back Country Navigator

Thanks for watching!

Tuesday Talk – Our Moving Day Routine & Checklists

This week we’re talking about our moving day routines. We talk about how we like to do things, who does what tasks, our checklists (which we link to below) and the importance of the Safety Officer and Safety Check.

What is your moving day routine like? Do you have checklists of your own?

This week’s links:




Friday Favorites – Our WeBoost Cell Booster

This week’s Friday Favorite is our WeBoost Cell Booster & Yagi Directional Antenna. As many of you know we installed the cell booster in the winter with Steve from the More We Explore helping. We have started to use it in our boondocking adventures and a few of you have had questions on how it’s worked. So we thought we would share our experience so far. We love it and the fact we can still stream our favorite shows during dinner 🙂

This week’s links:
Our Install Video
WeBoost Cell Booster (affiliate link)
Yagi Directional Antenna (affiliate link)

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Kannarraville Falls Hike – GORGEOUS Slot Canyon

In today’s video, we hike Kannarraville Falls. This hike was breathtaking. It starts as an easy hike along a dirt road for about 1/2 a mile. There are some hills on the road but it’s not bad. Eventually, you are one smaller dirt paths that crisscross the creek. Here is where it starts getting fun.

We wore neoprene socks and water shoes and we highly recommend doing that. We were sometimes in water almost up to our knees and it was FREEZING!

At the end of the hike, you get to a gorgeous slot canyon and you have no choice but to walk up the creek and climb up a really cool ladder beside a waterfall. There is more to this hike but the water was so high when we went in April that we couldn’t continue. We plan to try again and get to the second waterfall ladder in the fall. We highly recommend this hike!

Kannarraville Falls: http://www.hikestgeorge.com/kanarra-creek-trail-kanarraville-falls/

Tuesday Talk – Not on Vacation!

On Tuesday’s we’d like to answer questions sent to us from viewer’s like you and share some of the details of our Airstream life.

This week we’re talking about how while we love our Full-Time Airstream Traveling lives we are certainly NOT on Vacation. That’s one of the lines we get a lot and we want to explain why it’s not true and actually why we wouldn’t necessarily want it to be.

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