How To Be The Best RV Driver

Welcome to our How-To Series. In this video series, we will explain the many how-tos of Airstream Living. From full-time RVing, to travel, to living in a tiny space we will share what we have learned from living this lifestyle. We encourage you to comment below with your own advice on this topic, as well as any other How-Tos you would like to see.

This week’s topic is How To Be The Best RV Driver. We’ve been towing our Airstream behind us for quite a while now and Steve thought he should talk about some of the things he’s learned. Next week we’ll get Courtney’s take on being the Best RV Co-Pilot.

Steve’s first recommendation is to remember you are not in a car. You have different reactions times and requirements driving an RV. You need to make sure you leave more than enough room between you and the person in front of you in case they stop short (since it will take you longer to stop) but also in case someone cuts you off. Someone will cut you off. Don’t take it personally. People often see an RV and immediately want to get around it because they fear it will be slow. There is not much you can do about that.

You also need to remember that while driving an RV you may not be going the speed limit, especially on 75mph highways. If you need to stay in the right lane and go the speed you are comfortable with. If you are going with the speed of the traffic than we recommend the center lane (if there are 3 lanes) since you don’t have to worry about people merging in from the right.

You may want to consider what roads you will feel the most comfortable on. While scenic roads are nice to drive in a car, highways can be easier while driving an RV. The time of day you drive is also something to consider. Try to avoid rush hour and perhaps driving at night is something that would work for you?

Lastly, if you have a co-pilot make sure to be upfront about expectations. They are there to help you keep your eyes and mind on the road. Also be sure to check out your route beforehand so you don’t have any unexpected surprises while going 60 mph.

Practice Makes Perfect. Remember that above all else!


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