How To Be The Best RV Co-Pilot

Welcome to our How-To Series. In this video series, we will explain the many how-tos of Airstream Living. From full-time RVing, to travel, to living in a tiny space we will share what we have learned from living this lifestyle. We encourage you to comment below with your own advice on this topic, as well as any other How-Tos you would like to see.

This week’s topic is How To Be The Best RV Co-Pilot. If you missed it last week, make sure to check out How to Be the Best RV Driver.

If you are lucky enough to have an RV Co-Pilot and the Driver doesn’t have to do all of these things themselves these are the roles we think an RV Co-Pilot should take on. Number 1 the RV Co-Pilot should be the planner. They should plan or help plan the route and keep track of all the stops along the way including gas stations and rest-stops. They should also be aware at all times so they can support the Driver who is trying to get them wherever they are going safely. This means anticipating the Driver’s needs and staying alert to help in any unexpected situations. Lastly, a good RV Co-Pilot is often the spotter as well at campgrounds or in tight gas stations. They get out of the rig and help the Driver maneuver when necessary.


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