Close to Nature in Idaho, Delicious Mangos & Arriving in Utah

In today’s video, we finish up our time at Jefferson County Lake in Idaho. A bald eagle comes by to hang out on our last day which had us out with our binoculars for quite a while. We then cook up one last summer tropical hoorah with our Mango Cauliflower dinner before hitting the road down to Salt Lake City.

Jefferson County Lake
Pony Express Campground


Tuesday Talk – Our Favorite Airstream Meals

This week we are answering another question from a viewer about what our favorite Airstream meals are. In truth, we feel you can make almost anything you want in an Airstream or RV so our meals haven’t changed a whole lot since we moved out of our house. Our go-to easy travel meals are nachos and tacos and we have them a lot but we also have Mexican hashbrowns, quinoa, stuffed peppers, orange sauce, stir-frys, fried rice and more. We try to stick to a “capsule” kitchen idea where most of the recipes use a lot of the same ingredients so we always have options. We also try not to waste water or dishes and therefore will eat of prep bowls or even the pot!

On Tuesday’s we’d like to answer questions sent to us from viewer’s like you and share some of the details of our Airstream life. If you have a question for us please let us know in the comments below or at our website