Touring the Palatki Cliff Dwellings

In today’s video, we go on a tour of some ruins down the road from our boondocking spot outside of Sedona. You need reservations to tour the Palatki ruins but they are free with an America the Beautiful Pass. We got to see the ruins and also an extra Pit tour of a sacred area where ancient people roasted Agave which was covered in pictographs. Something a little different than what we’ve seen before. We end our time in Sedona at our favorite restaurant Elote, before it’s time to head back towards Tucson.

Sedona Boondocking
Palatki Ruins
Elote Cafe


Our Last West Yellowstone Trip Into the Fog to Mystic Falls

In today’s video, we head back into West Yellowstone one last time from our boondocking spot in Island Park. This time we brave the fog to hike in Biscuit Basin to Mystic Falls which is an awesome waterfall! We then continued the loop to a nice Overlook, especially nice since the fog had cleared. Next stop…the Grand Tetons!

Bootjack Boondocking


First Day in Yellowstone: Fairy Falls & Imperial Geyser

In today’s video, we head to Yellowstone National Park for our first day of exploring. We decide to do a 7-mile hike to Fairy Falls and the Imperial Geyser from the Fairy Falls parking area south of the Grand Prismatic Spring. It was a lovely day for a hike and since this was a bit of a longer one we didn’t see very many people which was awesome considering the crowds we say elsewhere. The Fairy Falls was absolutely gorgeous and then only a mile further was the Imperial Geyser which was unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. While at Imperial Geyser we were recognized for the first time by Tina and had a wonderful chat. An amazing day of hiking, scenery, and meeting awesome people!

Bootjack Boondocking
Yellowstone National Park
Imperial Geyser Hike

Kannarraville Falls Hike – GORGEOUS Slot Canyon

In today’s video, we hike Kannarraville Falls. This hike was breathtaking. It starts as an easy hike along a dirt road for about 1/2 a mile. There are some hills on the road but it’s not bad. Eventually, you are one smaller dirt paths that crisscross the creek. Here is where it starts getting fun.

We wore neoprene socks and water shoes and we highly recommend doing that. We were sometimes in water almost up to our knees and it was FREEZING!

At the end of the hike, you get to a gorgeous slot canyon and you have no choice but to walk up the creek and climb up a really cool ladder beside a waterfall. There is more to this hike but the water was so high when we went in April that we couldn’t continue. We plan to try again and get to the second waterfall ladder in the fall. We highly recommend this hike!

Kannarraville Falls:

vLog Day – vLog #31 – Zion National Park in the Snow

We’re going to try and give you a sneak peak into our lives through our vLog series. Expect these to be full of out-takes and the random going-ons of our Airstream life. Eventually when we start traveling you’ll get glimpses of our campsites, and the gorgeous places we’ll be exploring. For now it’s life in Tucson as we get ready to hit the road.

In this week’s episode we drive through Zion National Park when it’s covered in snow. It was absolutely gorgeous! We even took a small icy very cold hike. We can’t wait to go back and explore even more in the spring. Enjoy the view!

Happy Traveling Friends!