Friday Favorite – Our Waterproof Hiking Boots

This week’s Friday Favorite is our waterproof ankle-high hiking boots. If you’ve been following our adventures, you know we love to hike, especially along creeks to waterfalls! Our hiking boots are absolute essentials for us. We both prefer ankle-height to prevent turned ankles on rocky trails, and believe me, they have prevented quite a few. We also love waterproof boots. They tend to be hotter than other hiking boots but for those stream crossing hikes, they are absolutely worth it for us to not have to stop and take our shoes off each time, or hiking in drenched boots. We own or know people who own and love their boots from Vasque, Keen and Merrill so we don’t recommend one over another. Just make sure to try them out to find the right one for you!

This week’s links:
Vasque Waterproof Hiking Boots (Amazon affiliate)
Keen Waterproof Hiking Boots (Amazon affiliate)

Occasionally on Friday’s, we’d like to share with you some of our Favorite Things. These can be products, websites, or anything else that we love. Note we will ALWAYS say whether we are sponsored in any form from the companies we are sharing and these videos will ALWAYS reflect our true opinions. These are the things that bring us joy and we hope they can become your favorites as well.


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