Friday Favorite – Our Water Siphon for Topping off our Tanks while Boondocking

This week’s Friday Favorite is our water auto siphon we use to top off our fresh water tank while boondocking in the Airstream. We tend to boondock in a spot for a week or maybe more and we don’t want to have to move the Airstream to go get water. We bought 2 big 7 gallon blue jugs for fresh water but they were a pain to pour into the fresh water tank (literally). So a friend who brews beer recommended this auto-siphon and we LOVE it!

This week’s links:
Similar Large Auto Siphon (Amazon affiliate)
7 Gallon Blue Jugs (Amazon affiliate)

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  • Wayne Whiting

    May 19, 2017 at 7:24 am Reply

    Yup, as a long-time brewer those work great. It looked like it was going a little slow. I could empty a 5 gallon carboy in about 4-5 minutes.

  • Wayne Whiting

    May 19, 2017 at 7:27 am Reply

    Just curious. Other than your relatives, where do you get the fresh water to fill the blue jugs? I suppose you could fill up at a campground if you had hookups before you go, but what about when you are parked at a boondocking site and need more water and don’t want to move the AS? Do truck stops have places where you can fill up with water?

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