Where to Go in Waco Texas? For Us: Mammoths & Whiskey

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On this Airstream Life vLog, we have another rainy cold day in Waco Texas and we have to figure where to go and what to see. This is a huge question we get from people all the time. How do we decide where to go and what attractions to visit when traveling? We try to find unique or fun things that we like to do. We aren’t museum people so we don’t tend to do many of those but we love natural sites and photography!

So our first stop today is at the Mammoth National Monument in Waco. This is a joint site with the National Park System and costs $5 per person (even with the national parks pass). For that, you get a guided tour down to the Mammoth dig site. They have found over 20 mammoths here. We learned a lot about what the time period was like in Texas and the Columbian mammoths themselves. It was really interesting to get to see an actual dig site where they are still discovering new animals!

We decided to check out another educational stop after the mammoth monument Balcones Distillery. While we didn’t do a tour of the distillery which sounds awesome we did get a tasting and a lesson from the bartender. Steve learned that while he doesn’t like most rye whiskeys he does like theirs. Always learning 😉

After we got back to the Airstream Courtney discussed more on how we decide where to go when RVing and showed her 2019 possibilities map where she has saved all the cool places she has researched. This is how we know what to look for when we get places but also how she plans her route! This way every stop on the trip is full of fun activities and places we’d love.

Lastly, Steve takes you outside to share some hard truths about RVing. Sometimes it is not very much fun. When you have bad weather for long periods of time it can really get to you, especially living in such a small space. That’s why it’s so important to get out and do these fun activities we have planned.

We leave Waco in the next video to head to some boondocking on a friends land. Let’s hope we don’t get stuck! Stay tuned.

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