Tuesday Talk: The Stressful Seasons of our RVing Journey

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This week we are answering a question from a viewer about the most stressful times since moving into our Airstream.

We did a video about the scary/stressful times a few weeks ago. This one is more about the “seasons of stress” when transitioning to this lifestyle.

The first few months when moving into the Airstream were stressful. We were stationary in Tucson and still working our jobs so the only thing that really changed was our home. It shrunk to 200 sq ft! We needed to learn how to live in a small space together for the first time. Courtney needed to learn how to cook in such a small kitchen. While stressful it was all part of the adventure and we enjoyed it!

The next stressful season was our first 6 months of travel. First, because we were complete newbies to RV travel and had a lot to learn. Like any newbies, every campground is a new learning experience. We had to learn how to set up and breakdown camp, how to make sure we stayed safe while doing it, and so much more. Once we got the basics learned we had a lot of our most scary/stressful times in those first 6 months. After all those incidents we were almost ready to call it quits but we are so glad we didn’t. That is something a lot of people don’t realize about this lifestyle. Things will go wrong. It’s bound to happen but as long as the good times outweigh the stressful ones in your head then its the right life for you.

Our next summer of travel was not that stressful since we knew what we were doing and we were in similar areas to the first. However this year there is new stress. We are camping out East which means our camping style had to change. We are mostly staying in campgrounds instead of boondocking, we have to deal with narrow windy roads, low bridges, and tolls which were not as big of a concern out West. This has also been the worse weather we have ever dealt with traveling which has stressed Steve out a lot. This has made this season more stressful but it’s also been a lot of fun!

Just know there will be stress. There will be learning. There will be change. BUT if you can get through all that there will be fun. There will be adventures. There will be memories made forever. So for us, it’s worth it.

What have been your stressful seasons when RVing?

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