Tuesday Talk: Courtney’s Migraine & Food Allergy Journey

Video Description

This week Courtney is talking about her food allergies and her migraine journey after quite a number of viewers asked about it. As many of you know she doesn’t eat gluten, dairy, and a bunch of other things. Luckily she doesn’t have a massive allergic reaction if she does eat them (not like someone with celiacs) but if she eats enough her histamine level rises and that leads to massive migraines. So she has to limit everything that causes her allergies. As she says in the video it is totally worth it to not be in pain!

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  • Jennifer Hansen on November 11, 2018

    Hi! I just wanted to thank you for your video on Histamines in food. I had never heard of that before. I suffer from migraines, too.

    It took me a long time and a whole bunch of suffering to finally change my diet. I’ve been on an elimination diet for a couple of months now and it’s honestly making a difference. I found out what I was allergic to and added a whole bunch of migraine trigger foods to the list of foods to avoid. I’m seeing a lot of parallels between the migraine triggers list and the histamines one.

    I was already on the diet and we watch your channel, but Histamines in food was a new concept. My husband saw it first and was really excited. Having migraines = doing lots of research to figure out how to get rid of them. So I’ll be adding in some new things over the next couple of weeks slowly.

    If you have time, I was wondering, are there any spices you avoid?

    Thanks for explaining and sharing your path! It means a lot to people who are still trying to figure out how to make the pain stop.

    Safe Travels!

    • admin on November 12, 2018

      Hi Jennifer. I’m sorry you suffer from migraines but I’m glad you are starting to find your trigger foods. It took me years of elimination diets and food journals but I’m happy to say at this point it was all worth it to live pain-free. I love food but I love existing without pain more 🙂

      When I started suspecting histamines I found a comprehensive list of foods, spices, beverages etc and how much histamine they produce + how they affect people with histamine intolerance. I then tried to get rid of most of them and like other elimination diets introduced some back in (starting with the ones I most wanted to be able to eat which was beans!). I can now eat things that cause histamine reactions in my body (like avocado) but only when I know my levels are low and I take a Benadryl to counteract and many things that have a little histamine do not seem to affect me at all (like most nuts and seeds).

      I do not think there were many spices that were on the list. I know soy sauce, vinegars, and msg are things that cause histamine but salt, pepper, and other dried spices were fine I think. I looked for my original histamine list and I can’t find it so I recommend looking online. It was something like this but more specific to histamine only: https://www.mastzellaktivierung.info/downloads/foodlist/21_FoodList_EN_alphabetic_withCateg.pdf

      Good luck on your food/migraine journey! If you have any questions or just want to chat about how things are going please email me at [email protected] . I know how desperate I was to find a solution to my migraines and I’m wishing you great success and no pain!

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