Friday Favorites – The Gaia GPS Tracking App

This week’s Friday Favorite is our Gaia GPS App. We have been hiking a LOT, as you’ve probably noticed. Steve’s dad has been sending us tracks of some of his favorite hikes for us to do. So we needed an app that would allow us to follow tracks and make our own. It’s been really cool to see how far we’ve gone, watch our progress, see our altitude change etc. We also know that we’ll never get lost since we can always find our way back real-time using the GPS tracker. This is by far one of the best apps we’ve ver purchased.

Do you use a GPS app or device when hiking or biking? What do you recommend?

This week’s links:
Gaia GPS App
Back Country Navigator

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Friday Favorites – Our WeBoost Cell Booster

This week’s Friday Favorite is our WeBoost Cell Booster & Yagi Directional Antenna. As many of you know we installed the cell booster in the winter with Steve from the More We Explore helping. We have started to use it in our boondocking adventures and a few of you have had questions on how it’s worked. So we thought we would share our experience so far. We love it and the fact we can still stream our favorite shows during dinner 🙂

This week’s links:
Our Install Video
WeBoost Cell Booster (affiliate link)
Yagi Directional Antenna (affiliate link)

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Friday Favorites – 3D Brooklyn Products + GIVEAWAY

This week’s Friday Favorite is a company, 3D Brooklyn. 3D Brooklyn is a 3D printing company located in Brooklyn NY that has a wonderful Etsy store with a variety of really cool products perfect for Airstream living. We’ll show you some of the products we’ve purchased and been gifted from family including our cacti hooks, cool rock wall planter and cell phone wall charger holder.

We love these products so much that we reached out to 3D Brooklyn and they’ve offered to do a giveaway to our awesome subscribers, you guys! Two lucky winners will get a cactus hook, a wall planter, a cell phone dock, & a t-shirt all courtesy of 3D Brooklyn!

To enter, make sure you are a subscriber to this channel, go take a look at 3D Brooklyn’s Etsy store and check out some of the colors available for the cactus hooks etc. Leave a comment below in the first 48 hours after this video is published letting us know you’d like to be entered and what your favorite product/color is. We’ll choose 2 winners at random and contact them to get all their information. Good luck and thanks again to 3D Brooklyn for sponsoring this opportunity! We’d love it if you guys head over to their Facebook page and show them some love for their generosity!

This week’s links:
3D Brooklyn on Etsy
3D Brooklyn on Facebook

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Friday Favorites – Our Hensley Hitch

This week’s Friday Favorite is our Hensley Hitch. We’ve had a number of questions about our hitch so today we thought we would answer some of them and explain why we like our Hensley so much. We agree it can be overkill but we’d rather spend money on the safety of our home than anywhere else! With the Hensley Steve never worries about the Airstream staying behind us, steady on the road.

Do you have experience with the Hensley? Do you have a favorite hitch?

This week’s links:
Hensley Hitch
Hensley Hitch on YouTube: and

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Friday Favorites – Pop Up Containers (No Spills!)

This week’s Friday Favorite is our Oxo Good Grips Pop Top Containers. We have three different sizes of these containers in our kitchen and we love them. We don’t have to worry about things spilling if they get knocked over and it keeps everything from our tea to our nuts fresher, longer. Win win.

Do you have a favorite storage container for keeping things fresh and preventing spills?

This week’s links: Oxo Pop Top Containers Set

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Friday Favorites – Campendium (Finding our Campsites)

This week’s Friday Favorite is our favorite website to find places to camp, Campendium. We use a number of other sites including Free Campsites and Google but Campendium is by far our favorite. We like the design and how easy it is to see important stats. We also like the format of the reviews and how most people leave pictures as well. We plan on documenting our travels with reviews on Campendium since it is still growing. So in the future to see the places we’ve stayed and how we’ve liked them be sure to check it out.

Do you have a favorite site to find camping locations?

This week’s links:

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Friday Favorites – Our TPMS System (Peace of Mind)

This week’s Friday Favorite is our EEZTire Tire Pressure Monitoring System. We installed our TPMS system on our Airstream before we took our October trip to Oregon. It provided incredible peace of mind knowing at all times what pressure and temperature our tires were during that long haul trip. We decided to spend the money and get sensors for our truck too, before we hit the road full time next week. Steve shows you how the system works and even how to set it up. It’s expensive but well worth it in our opinion for the peace of mind and quick reaction time we will be able to have before any major damage is done from a blowout.

Do you have a TPMS? What do you think?

This week’s links:
EEZTire Tire Pressure Monitoring System (Amazon affiliate)

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Friday Favorites: Broom Hooks – Making Use of that Vertical Space

This week’s Friday Favorite are Broom Hooks or Grippers by Command Products. Ever since we redid our floors in our Airstream we have been using the broom and the Swiffer a lot more. We had been keeping them in the truck and that wasn’t working anymore, neither was leaning them in the closet. So we found these Broom Grippers and we LOVE them. It makes it so easy to always have the broom handy and we’re finally using the vertical space on the back of the door. Win Win.

This week’s links:
Broom Gripper (Amazon affiliate)

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Friday Favorites: The BEST Social Media – Instagram

This week’s Friday Favorite is our favorite online social media, Instagram. We love Instagram as a place to be inspired, follow peoples travels, see sneak peaks into everyday lives, and generally be part of a positive community. We talk about how we currently use Instagram and how we plan to once we hit the road. Are you on Instagram? Do you prefer a different online social media?

This week’s links:
A Streamin Life Instagram
Full Time Explorers Instagram

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Friday Favorites: Cubicle Clips (Making Use of Our Mouse Fur)

Occasionally on Friday’s we’d like to share with you some of our Favorite Things. These can be products, websites, or anything else that we love. Note we will ALWAYS say whether we are sponsored in any form from the companies we are sharing and these videos will ALWAYS reflect our true opinions. These are the things that bring us joy and we hope they can become your favorites as well.

This week’s Friday Favorite are cubicle clips. Cubicle clips are clips that have to large pins on the back to stick into the fabric wall of cubicles. They are meant for hanging notes in the office. But…. if you have fabric walls elsewhere…like our mouse fur walls in our Airstream…you can use them for all sorts of things! We use ours for notes, easy access to important items, to hang art and more!

This week’s links:
Cubicle Clips (Amazon affiliate)
Rainey’s Etsy Shop
Versatile Velcro

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