Our Real Last Day in Yellowstone: Waterfall & The Boiling River

In today’s video, we have our real last day in Yellowstone…unlike what we thought was our last day a few weeks ago. We wimp out and instead of hiking Osprey Falls we hike Wraith Falls which was still pretty. We then go take a dip in the Boiling River which was so much fun! Finally, it’s moving day once again on a cold snowy morning….where to next? Wait and see!

Carbella BLM
Osprey Falls
Wraith Falls
Thomas Heaton’s Youtube
Boiling River


Heading To Victor & Getting Up High in Jackson Hole

In today’s video, we leave Jefferson County Lake once again and head to Victor Idaho to meet family. While there we are staying at the Mike Harris Campground which is nice and quiet but has the most unique water pump system we’ve seen. We also spend the day at the Jackson Hole Resort and ride the Tram, Gondola, and Chairlift to get some awesome views!

Jefferson County Lake
Mike Harris Campground
Jackson Hole Resort


First Day in Yellowstone: Fairy Falls & Imperial Geyser

In today’s video, we head to Yellowstone National Park for our first day of exploring. We decide to do a 7-mile hike to Fairy Falls and the Imperial Geyser from the Fairy Falls parking area south of the Grand Prismatic Spring. It was a lovely day for a hike and since this was a bit of a longer one we didn’t see very many people which was awesome considering the crowds we say elsewhere. The Fairy Falls was absolutely gorgeous and then only a mile further was the Imperial Geyser which was unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. While at Imperial Geyser we were recognized for the first time by Tina and had a wonderful chat. An amazing day of hiking, scenery, and meeting awesome people!

Bootjack Boondocking
Yellowstone National Park
Imperial Geyser Hike