Close to Nature in Idaho, Delicious Mangos & Arriving in Utah

In today’s video, we finish up our time at Jefferson County Lake in Idaho. A bald eagle comes by to hang out on our last day which had us out with our binoculars for quite a while. We then cook up one last summer tropical hoorah with our Mango Cauliflower dinner before hitting the road down to Salt Lake City.

Jefferson County Lake
Pony Express Campground


Our Real Last Day in Yellowstone: Waterfall & The Boiling River

In today’s video, we have our real last day in Yellowstone…unlike what we thought was our last day a few weeks ago. We wimp out and instead of hiking Osprey Falls we hike Wraith Falls which was still pretty. We then go take a dip in the Boiling River which was so much fun! Finally, it’s moving day once again on a cold snowy morning….where to next? Wait and see!

Carbella BLM
Osprey Falls
Wraith Falls
Thomas Heaton’s Youtube
Boiling River


Heading To Victor & Getting Up High in Jackson Hole

In today’s video, we leave Jefferson County Lake once again and head to Victor Idaho to meet family. While there we are staying at the Mike Harris Campground which is nice and quiet but has the most unique water pump system we’ve seen. We also spend the day at the Jackson Hole Resort and ride the Tram, Gondola, and Chairlift to get some awesome views!

Jefferson County Lake
Mike Harris Campground
Jackson Hole Resort


Finding Boondocking Outside of Yellowstone

In today’s video, we leave Jefferson County Lake Campground. Our first stop is a dump station at the Visitor Center in Ashton Idaho on our way to our boondocking spot. Then we continue heading north and east to a boondocking area in Island Park Idaho. After our boondocking troubles recently we decided to take the bikes down the roads to find the best spot for us and it worked out great. We found a great mostly level spot with plenty of solar. We can’t wait to spend the next couple of weeks here and explore Yellowstone National Park!

Jefferson County Lake Campground
Bootjack Boondocking

Heading towards Portland & Camping On the Street in our Airstream

In today’s video, we try to watch a sunset over the Pacific Ocean from our campground near Rockaway Beach before packing up the trailer and heading to the Portland area. We camp on the street in a friends neighborhood which goes well and then go hiking in Forest Park in northwest Portland. It’s amazing that a park like this exists within city limits. Amazing!



Forest ParkĀ 



A Very Trying Day. Where Are We Going to Sleep Tonight?

In today’s video, we leave California and head into Oregon!! We are looking to boondock near-ish Crater Lake. We strike out on our first spot…too sketchy to try the fit the Airstream. So we decide to head North of Crater Lake (another 80 miles) to try a second spot. Little did we know that there was still SNOW there…in June! Our Arizona minds were blown. We eventually decide to head to a National Forest Campground but even that turns out to be more interesting than we expected. In the end, we are safe and sound with a place to lay our heads for a couple of days while we explore Crater Lake but wow….what a day!

Have you had travel days like this? Any advice to us or others out there on travel days? We’d love to hear it!

Our final spot on Campendium

Off To Tuttletown for the Long Weekend

In today’s video, we’re heading out of the Truckee area and into California Gold Mine Country. We wanted to be close to Sacremento over Memorial Day in order to have any easy drive to get work done on the trailer. Plus we knew we should have reservations for the holiday weekend. We found Tuttletown online and decided to try it. Check it out with us!

Our first spot on Campendium
Our second spot on Campendium

Heading to the Salt Flats + Emergency & Repairs

In today’s video, it’s moving day again and this time we were headed to some BLM land right outside the Bonneville Salt Flats on the Utah/Nevada border. Or at least that was the plan. Instead, we ended up on the side of i80 for at least and hour and settled into the Wendover KOA for the foreseeable future. BUT at least we are all safe and sound. The drama continues to Thursday’s video.

Our spot on Campendium


Fun Finding Free Camping in Southern Utah

In today’s video, it’s time to move on from Snow Canyon State Park and try to find another free BLM boondocking location for 4 nights before we head to Bryce Canyon. We had scoped out a nice spot by the Upper Sand Cove Reservoir about 20 minutes from Snow Canyon. However, when we got there the spot was already taken and not in the way we expected. Our 30-minute move turned into a 3+ hour move trying to find a good spot. Add in horrible wind and nothing being level and it was a long day. However, it all worked out and we settled into a new spot just fine. Plus we learned a lot along the way and got to see a bunch of wildlife. Enjoy our adventure!


Tuesday Talk – Our Moving Day Routine & Checklists

This week we’re talking about our moving day routines. We talk about how we like to do things, who does what tasks, our checklists (which we link to below) and the importance of the Safety Officer and Safety Check.

What is your moving day routine like? Do you have checklists of your own?

This week’s links: