Snow on the Airstream & Bannack State Park

In today’s video, we leave Lewis & Clark Caverns State Park and head 2 hours southwest to the Clark Canyon Reservoir and a free campground! Seeing as we’re now in the off-season and we were there during a snow storm we got the whole campground to ourselves! The snow was never that bad at our elevation so we decided to checkout Bannack State Park which is a Ghost Town not too far away. It was really interesting to go through buildings and cabins built in the 1800s and get to see a snapshot of what living in a Montana Gold Rush town was like.

Horse Prarie Campground
Bannack State Park


Visiting Lewis & Clark Caverns – The Coolest Cave Tour EVER

In today’s video, we travel from North Yellowstone to Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park. On the way, we stop at Costco and randomly meet up with Suburban Pilgrims, another Youtube traveling family. How random and awesome! We find a 50amp spot at the campground in the state park and settle in before doing the cave tour, which was AMAZING. This is one of Courtney’s top 5 things we’ve seen/experienced since hitting the road. Really magnificent and the video does not even come close to doing it justice. We highly recommend a tour here!

Suburban Pilgrims
Lewis & Clark Caverns


Our Real Last Day in Yellowstone: Waterfall & The Boiling River

In today’s video, we have our real last day in Yellowstone…unlike what we thought was our last day a few weeks ago. We wimp out and instead of hiking Osprey Falls we hike Wraith Falls which was still pretty. We then go take a dip in the Boiling River which was so much fun! Finally, it’s moving day once again on a cold snowy morning….where to next? Wait and see!

Carbella BLM
Osprey Falls
Wraith Falls
Thomas Heaton’s Youtube
Boiling River


Baby it’s Cold Outside

In today’s video, a cold front moves into Montana and we hole up in the Airstream to stay warm and dry. Being from AZ these are some of the coldest temperatures we’ve seen in the past few years so we have a lot to say about them. We also rejoice in out Catalytic Heater, burn candles, bake cookies and enjoy our times indoors.

Carbella BLM


North Yellowstone Boondocking, Terraces & Elk

In today’s video, we head through Bozeman Montana on our way to the BLM Carbella Recreation Site which is our home 15 minutes outside of the Yellowstone North entrance. We settle into an awesome spot on Yellowstone River before heading into the park to see the Mammoth Hot Springs. This area is unlike anything we’ve ever seen! The limestone hot spring terraces are gorgeous and otherworldly and seeing elk everywhere certainly was a nice treat as well!

Carbella BLM


Steve Makes Macro Photography and a Date Night In West Yellowstone

In today’s video, Steve decides to great creative with the field we are boondocking in and his macro lens. He explains his process and shows a bunch of really cool macro shots he made. Afterwards, we head into West Yellowstone to do some browsing/shopping. We find a great souvenir and head to date night at a local restaurant.

Bootjack Boondocking