More Sun Valley: Bikes rides, Free Dump Stations & Sawtooth Botanical Garden

In today’s video, we are still boondocking along Trail Creek in Sun Valley Idaho. We go for a nice bike ride along a paved path. There are a number of paved paths in this area, not to mention LOTS of mountain biking trails. Next, we head down to a free dump station in Hailey Idaho. We have to deal with very smoky conditions from nearby wildfires but luckily the air wasn’t too bad. Last we walk around the Sawtooth Botanical Garden which was absolutely stunning. We highly recommend you check it out if you are in the area.

Trail Creek Road
Go Pro Clamp (Amazon affiliate)
Hailey Dump Station
Sawtooth Botanical Garden
Warfield Brewery

Boondocking in Sun Valley, Water, & Exercise

In today’s video, we show some of the exercises we try to do while traveling. It’s a work in progress but we’re trying to come up with a routine for those days where we are not hiking. Next, we go on the search for water. We find a dump station in the Sawtooth National Forest which has potable water and trash for a $5 donation. There is also a bunch of boondocking and National Forest Campgrounds on the same road which is good to know for next time! We make a trip to the Sawtooth Brewery and Steve shows off his souvenir.

Trail Creek Road
Bodylastics Bands (Amazon affiliate)
Sawtooth Dump Station
Sawtooth Brewery
Tervis Tumblers (Amazon affiliate)

Hiking the Bruneau Sand Dunes in Idaho

In today’s video, we decide to go on a short hike in Bruneau Dunes State Park but then once out there we decide to go for the whole enchilada and hike the big dune. It was a difficult hike and it got very hot but it was absolutely gorgeous and we had a great sense of accomplishment! We will probably never do the hike again but we are very glad we did it this time. Amazing!

Bruneau Dunes State Park